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What Is Forwarding Even For, Then?!

, , , , , | Working | September 21, 2022

I recently moved, and I set up mail forwarding immediately. For two weeks, I never receive a single piece of mail. When an online order shows that it is out for delivery and then returned to the post office, I go down to the post office to see what’s happening.

The employee behind the counter looks no more than twenty-one and is clearly annoyed that I have just walked in.

Me: “Hi. I set up mail forwarding a couple of weeks ago, but I haven’t received anything.”

Employee: “Maybe you just didn’t get any mail.”

Me: *With a humoring laugh* “Is there any way you could check to make sure my forwarding went through your system?”

I hand over my ID.

Employee: *Rolling his eyes* “Yeah… Wait here.”

The employee disappears through a door and I wait for a few minutes. He returns with a stack of mail and my missing package.

Employee: “I called your mail carrier. He thought it was suspicious that a person with a different name just suddenly started receiving nothing but forwarded mail there, so he didn’t deliver it.”

Me: “Uhh, okay. Is forwarding mail not common?”

Employee: “I don’t know, but you have everything now.”

Me: “Okay. Will I be getting my mail properly now?”

Employee: *Shrugs* “Probably. He should just be following the address, though.”

Me: “Yes… he should.”

Employee: “Okay, then. Have a nice day.”

The employee walked into the back again.

The next day, I waited for the mail carrier and introduced myself, thinking it would help. He seemed to struggle with the idea that people move, but he agreed to do his best to remember to deliver my mail.

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