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What In The Heck Did You Idiots Expect?!

, , , , | Right | July 28, 2022

Four or five years ago, a company approached us and asked us to develop a website. Since they did not like our first design concept, they provided us with the example of a well-known Japanese car company and told us that they wanted exactly what the car company had. We told them that we could not just duplicate another design. They insisted, and eventually, we agreed to do what they asked. We didn’t copy it exactly, but the websites were very similar. We informed the client we would take no responsibility if the Japanese car company claimed infringement. 

Three years later, we receive an email from the same general manager that told us to copy the design.

Client: “Hey, [Japanese Car Company] just contacted us about our design. It looks very similar to their website. Why is that? As compensation for this, I want you to change our website design to a new one for free.”

Me: “You asked us to copy that design, and we informed you of the possible consequences.”

Client: “Well, by copy it, I didn’t mean copy it. I meant to copy it so no one could tell they were similar. Fix it now.”

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