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What Drives Parents

, , , | Related | October 3, 2019

(My sister, my nephew, and I are walking from our car to the store when a big white car suddenly backs up at us. The driver doesn’t seem to see us, and I hit it.)

Me: “Hey, watch where you’re going!”

(I see him wave at us.)

Sister: “Oh, my God! Are you okay? He almost hit us!” *clutching her baby*

Me: “I’m fine; he just wasn’t looking where he was going!”

(Later, we get home and my sister’s husband is there. I tell him what happened and my sister gives me a look.)

Her Husband: *to sister* “You need to be more careful!”

Sister: “I couldn’t do a thing!”

Me: “It’s not her fault; it’s that stupid guy who wasn’t looking!”

Her Husband: *ignores me* “Be. More. Careful.” *leaves*

Me: “So, if someone runs over [Nephew], he’s going to blame you?”

Sister: “Shh! And yes, he would, because parents are always responsible for what happens to their kids. Always.”

(I tried to say there are exceptions to that but she wouldn’t listen. Definitely a weird thing to think.)

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