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What Do You Hope To Achieve By Shaming Someone For Exercising?!

, , , , | Friendly | February 7, 2023

Recently, in a last-ditch attempt to get out of a severe depression fit, I decided to enroll at a local disabled-access swimming session at the pool. I’m not only disabled but also, because of my depression and disabilities, pretty overweight. I was so proud of taking this step out of the house and away from my severely depressed thoughts.

When I got to the changing room, though, I heard a woman say something while pointing at me.

Woman: “Look at that fat lazy slob.”

It didn’t stop. Even when I’d managed to get into the pool, leaving my walking aids on the side, this woman kept following me with her friends, saying things like:

Woman: “Fat isn’t a disability.”

Woman: “She should lay off the cakes.”

Woman: “We shouldn’t have to make space for fat lazy [censored].”

And finally, to my face, she said:

Woman: “Get out. No, seriously. Leave. None of us want to see your flab.”

They got in my way when I tried to swim. I was crying at this point.

I tried to get the attention of a lifeguard, but they weren’t interested. I got out, got my canes, staggered to the lifeguard again, and said I was being bullied and told to get out.

Lifeguard: *Shrugging* “If you’re not drowning, it’s not my job.”

So, I went and got dressed in the changing room, and this woman followed me!

Woman: “You’re not disabled, just fat. Accept it! Lose weight before subjecting us to your fat slobby body in a swimming suit. You look disgusting!”

I left. I tried to complain to reception that this disabled-inclusive session was anything BUT. I was told that they couldn’t police the opinions of other disabled swimmers.

I haven’t been back.

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