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What Color Is The Gender Fluid?

, , | Right | June 23, 2020

A customer comes up to me with two shirts for girls in her hands, pink and dark blue. The pink one is the regular price of 14,95€, but the dark blue one is 4,95€ because that color won’t be in stock any longer.

Customer: “Why do those have different prices? They are exactly the same!”

I explain the difference, with the blue one not being in stock any longer, etc.

Customer: “But why? These are exactly the same!”

Me: “No, one shirt is pink, the other one blue.”

Customer: “But why is the difference that high?”

Me: *Slightly ironic* “Because my coworker put it that way. I can make the blue one more expensive again, so that the difference won’t be that high anymore?”

Customer: “Noooo! I didn’t mean that! I meant, this is discriminating, isn’t it?!”

Me: “Um… why would that be?”

Customer: “Because if I had a daughter now, I’d have to pay more!”