What Can I Say Except “You’re Welcome”?

, , , , | Right | August 22, 2018

(I work at an arts and crafts store. Two women come up to my register, checking out separately. During the first woman’s transaction, everything goes smoothly. I have barely handed her the receipt when this happens:)

Customer: “You’re welcome.”

(Thinking she’s talking to her friend to whom she just handed a coupon, I say nothing.)

Customer: “You should really thank your customers.”

(I don’t know how to respond, as I was trained to say, “Have a nice day!” and I already have. I am about to apologize, when…)

Customer: “Oh, so, you’re just going to ignore me?!”

Me: “I’m sorry about that, ma’am!”

(I finish ringing up her friend and try to be super cheerful. I thank them and tell them to enjoy their day.)

Customer: “Who are your supervisors?!”

Me: “Well, we have four, but the ones who are in today are [Manager #1] and [Manager #2].”

Customer: “Thank you.” *storms out*

(I let my manager know she might get a call from a very angry woman because I did what I was trained to do.)

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