What Came First, The Chicken Or The Deer?

| Montesano, WA, USA | Learning | October 3, 2015

(We are in eleventh-grade algebra. It is the day before a chapter test, and for review, the teacher puts problems on the board. After each question, he asks every student a random trivia question for extra points. He gets to a student who is one of the few tenth graders in the class.)

Teacher: “[Student]! What animal is eaten as much before it was born as after it has died?”

(We all start laughing at the simple riddle.)

Student: “Uh…” *looks around for help* “Cows!”

(The class goes into uproar.)

Teacher: “Umm, [Student]? How can you eat cows before they are born?”

Student: “That’s how they get veal. right?”

Teacher: “No, the answer was chicken. Uh, moving on.”

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