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What Are You Playing @?

| Working | July 12, 2017

(I am talking to a woman who wants to send us a contract she wants our client to sign. The name of the law firm is the last names of the partners. Both names are very common.)

Me: “So you want to send it to info@SmithJones.com.”

Woman: “Can you spell that?”

Me: “I-n-f-o-at-s-m-i-t-h-j-o-n-e-s-dot com.”

Woman: “So that’s i-n-f-o-c-h.”

Me: “There’s no CH.”

Woman: “OH! I mean i-n-f-o-and.”

Me: “There’s no “and.” Where did you get “and”?”

Woman: “OH! I can’t read my writing. So it’s i-n-f-o- that email sign thingy – s-m-i-t-h-j-o-n-e-s-period-c-o-m. Right?”

Me: “Yes.”

Woman: “Your e-mail address is hard to figure out.”

(I’m sure she’ll wonder why we are recommending our client not sign the contract.)

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