What An Apphole

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(I’ve just gotten off work and am picking up lunch for myself and a friend that I am visiting. I’ve decided to try a fast food place’s new app. I place our order ahead of time and use the app to check in. Because this place is so close to where I work, I frequent it so much they remember my name and my appearance. I arrive at the same time as an older gentleman, who stops to see the menu and lets me go ahead.)

Cashier: *hands me a large cup I ordered* “It’ll be ready soon, [My Name].”

Me: “Oh, I just pushed the button in the app to check in.”

Cashier: “Yup, and it’s already on our screen.” *rattles off my order* “Picking up for your friend today, too, I see.” *hands me a receipt*

Me: “Yup.”

(I start to head towards the soda machine, when…)

Customer: “What?! You’re just letting him have all of that food for free?! Just because you know him?! You should be f****** fired!”

Cashier: “No, sir. He ordered ahead using our app.”

(She points to where they have information listed next to the register.)

Customer: “Oh, it’s because he has a fancy-a** f****** phone that he got it for free, huh?!”

Cashier: “No, he paid online through the app—“

Customer: “Bull-f******-s***! I doubt that [Place] is that f****** fancy to have the line!”

(Already having a rough day due to work, I decide to turn around.)

Me: “Listen, sir, I don’t know you, you don’t know me, she doesn’t know me other than my name, order, and the like, she probably doesn’t know s*** about you other than the fact you won’t listen.”

Customer: “Bulls***! You’re likely her ‘friend’ you are picking up for!”

Me: “No, sir.” *starts to bring up the place’s app* “Furthermore, I can prove that I both ordered and paid for the food on my phone.”

(I start to try to go through the app of the place’s menu to find the history, fingers fumbling a bit as I’m starting to get hangry.)

Customer: “Look at you! Your fingers are shaking; you’re likely trying to fake something together on your fancy-a** phone!”

Me: *finally getting to the right spot* “See?” *taps on the only order in the history*

Customer: “So what? That’s just a f****** thing you typed out in your fancy app! And where’s a f****** manager?!”

(I groan a bit, stomach growling a bit, as I decide that the manager will help out. Eventually, the cashier leaves the counter, coming back with the manager who sees me and the other customer.)

Customer: “Are you the f****** manager?!”

Manager: “Yes, I am. What is the issue?”

(The older customer starts a tirade about the cashier and me trying to steal food. The manager looks up at the screen and sees my phone on the app’s history screen still.)

Manager: “I can assure you that nobody is stealing anything from anybody right now.”

Customer: “Then how the f*** can you explain that he didn’t have to pay jack-f******-s***?!”

(The manager starts to try to explain the app again, with me trying to show it to him again.)

Customer: “I still don’t think [Restaurant with ‘F******’ added in the middle] is fancy enough for any sort of web s***. However, I’m f****** leaving. If you want him to steal from you, so f****** be it, but I. WILL. BE. CALLING. CORPORATE!”

(I groaned again while rubbing my head and finding a spot to sit down. The manager headed behind the counter for a bit, out of my sight, only to return with a [dessert item] for free.)

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