What About Daddy Cool?

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My brother and sister-in-law taught their three-year-old daughter her last names and their respective names. They are showing what she learned in front of the family. In Belgium, it is not customary to take the name of your husband.

Sister-In-Law: “[Niece], what is your name?”

Niece: “[Niece’s Full Name].”

Brother: “Who is that?”

He points to his wife.

Niece: “Mum.”

Brother: “And what is Mum called?”

Niece: “[Sister-in-Law’s Full Name].”

Sister-In-Law: “Very good, honey. And who is that?”

She points to my brother. My niece speaks after a second’s delay, very upbeat.

Niece: “Daddy [Brother].”

We erupt in laughter.

Brother: *Fake insulted* “Daddy [Brother]? What other daddies do you have?”

I guess my niece considered her last name belonging to her and could not see how she shared it with her dad.

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