What A Weirdly Specific Scenario, Bro

, , , , , | Friendly | October 3, 2020

I open instant messaging to check what time my friend is free to do something.

Me: “Hey, bro. Is seven okay?”

Friend: “I think that’s the first time I’ve seen you call me ‘bro’.”

Me: “Yeah, a few minutes ago, I thought about saying, ‘Hey, bro,’ and then I thought, ‘I’m pretty sure I’ve never called him ‘bro’ before. Let’s see how that goes.’ I wasn’t sure if you’d even notice, but it turns out you totally did.”

Friend: “It’s very out of your normal way of speaking. It’s like the thing where, like, if it was you and your evil robot clone, and I had to shoot one of you, and you were like, ‘Hey, bro, it’s me, though,’ I’d totally shoot you. I’d be like, ‘Yeah, that must be the robot, I guess.'”

Me: “I’ll be sure never to call you ‘bro’ if there’s an evil robot clone involved.”

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