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What A Weird Thing To Throw A Tantrum Over

, , , | Right | CREDIT: Coloured_Ribbons | June 20, 2022

I’m from the UK, and we have a bakery chain that is famed for its sausage rolls, pizza, steak bakes, and donuts. They usually have everything out hot so it’s perfect for a cold day.

I am going on my usual walk to the park near me just to get some fresh air, and I decide to buy some lunch on the way. [Bakery] is warm and cheap, so I decide to go and get a cheese pizza slice and a coffee. It is past the lunch rush, so a lot of the baked stuff is gone, save for two slices of cheese pizza and various other pastry-encased things.

There’s no one in front of me as I go in, and the staff is busy, so I stand at the counter and wait. Another customer walks in shortly after on his phone.

One of the staff gets a minute to take my order.

Me: “A slice of cheese pizza and a regular salted caramel latte, please!”

The other customer looks at me in a slightly offended manner, and I think that maybe he thinks I’m weird for my coffee choice or something until he pipes up:

Customer: “I want that pizza! I always get two pizza slices for my lunch, and now you have just ruined my day. I hope you’re pleased with yourself.”

This man is probably in his twenties. He is definitely past the age at which he should be throwing tantrums for not getting his way. I’m speechless. I blink back in response, having absolutely no clue as to what I can say back to this man who is throwing a fit over a £1.50 slice of cheese pizza.

Customer: What do you have to say for yourself?

Me: “Uh… excuse me? I’m not entirely sure what I’ve done wrong here—”

Customer: “You have just stolen that slice of pizza from me.”

Thankfully, I’m not the only one completely and utterly baffled at this man, as the staff member brings my coffee over and tells the customer:

Staff Member: “Sir, this person has not stolen anything from you. You have not bought that pizza; this young person is about to. Please, calm down.”

She started to ring me up as the customer continued shouting about how unfair it was that he wouldn’t get his two slices of pizza today. I very much enjoyed my legally obtained, unstolen pizza. Get a grip, Pizza Boy.

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