What A Trucking Jerk

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(I work for a company that services big trucks, among other things, in multiple states. Before we transfer the callers to the service locations, we’re required to confirm the location they’re needing service — because it isn’t uncommon for people to call a location several hundred miles from where they actually are — and get their name, even if it’s just a first name. Some people apparently don’t like being asked simple questions.)

Me: “Thank you for calling [Service Company]. How may I help you?”

Caller: “Service.”

Me: “Certainly, sir. And what—”

Caller: *annoyed sigh* “TRUCK service.”

Me: *mentally bracing myself for one of THOSE calls* “And you’re needing the [City], [State] location, correct? May I tell them who’s calling?”

Caller: “JESUS CHRIST! I’m a f****** DRIVER. I need TRUCK SERVICE!”

Me: “One moment, please.”

(Ordinarily, I would make one more attempt to placate them and get a name, but I had already dealt with numerous rude callers in the thirty minutes I’d been on and was in no mood to be cussed at even more. I put him on hold and call out to that service location, even though it’s actually about ten minutes before their coordinator — a woman who has been with the company for years and has outlasted most of the mechanics and techs at her location — starts her shift. Fortunately, the coordinator is already in and answers her line on the second ring.)

Coordinator: *teasing tone* “What time does your clock say?”

Me: *chuckling, because she always teases and gives us a hard time if we call her right around her shift starting* “Ten to. Sorry to bother you this early, but I’ve got a Grumpy Gus who was not going to want to leave a message with anyone. Someone apparently hasn’t had his coffee yet.”

Coordinator: “Oh, boy. First one of the day, too. What’s his name?”

Me: “Well, he wouldn’t tell me.”

(I quickly relate the exchange to her.)

Coordinator: “Don’t you wish you could ‘accidentally’ hang up on callers like that?”

Me: *laughing* “I would say you have no idea, but I know you do. Hopefully he’ll be nicer to you since you’re actually the service department.”

Coordinator: “Let’s hope so. I think we’ve made him wait long enough; send him on over.”

(I got the guy again when he called back a couple hours later, and he was significantly nicer and sounded almost meek. If the coordinator hadn’t told me it was the same guy, I wouldn’t have thought it was him. Apparently, she took the wind out of his sails really quickly when he started in on her after I first gave her the call. Nothing like a long-time service coordinator to give a truck driver a lesson in manners! We do understand that the drivers can be frustrated when they call — their trucks aren’t working right and it costs them money, not just in repairs but in lost work — but cussing at us and being difficult when we’re trying to do our jobs and help isn’t going to get them anywhere.)

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