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What A Total B

| Learning | February 8, 2016

(At school I am lucky enough to be put into the high-flyer set in math which means we take our GCSE a year early. I struggle in class and the teacher often just places me with a text book whilst she teaches the rest of the class. Despite this I still get a B in my test. Later…)

Teacher: “Ah, [My Name], I see you’re still with us. Are you sure you’re comfortable?  We’ll be doing A level Math from now on.”

Me: “Um, I should be okay. I mean a B is a good pass, right?”

Teacher: “I still believe you could have a chance to get an even better grade. Would you perhaps talk to one of the other teacher about possibly moving down a set?”

(My friends were all in this class so I didn’t like the idea of moving down. Still, I agreed to talk about it.)

Me: “Okay, should I take my stuff?”

Teacher: “I think it’s best.”

(She walks me into the first set classroom and announces to the teacher I am her new student before hurrying out the door.)

New Teacher: “Oh, I hadn’t heard about getting a new student in class. Have you been moved up?”

Me: “Um, no. I thought I was coming here to talk but I think she’s left me here now.”

New Teacher: “That’s not fair! Would you prefer to go back, or you’re more than welcome here.”

Me: “Might be best to stay where I’m wanted.”

(Most annoying part: still got a B. What a waste of a year.)

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