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What A Nightmare!

, , , , | Romantic | August 14, 2021

My girlfriend frequently forgets her age and thinks she’s younger than she actually is. She needs to be reminded on a semi-regular basis that she’s twenty and no longer eighteen. She also has a lot of lucid dreams and will frequently sleep-talk. These two combined made this funny scene one morning.

Girlfriend: “Morning, [Primary School Teacher].”

She turns over in bed.

Girlfriend: “Ah, oops. Sorry. Forgot I’m no longer a student here. I’ll just run off to [Secondary School].”

She mutters something I don’t quite catch but then starts talking again.

Girlfriend: *Increasingly frantic* “Wait, where’re all my classmates? What do you mean, there are no more classes for [Old High School Class]? Then what do I do every day? What do I do every day?!”

Her alarm then goes off and she sits up, immediately awake.

Girlfriend: *In the glummest tone I’ve ever heard* “Ah, right. I’ve got a job now. I go to work every day.”

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