What A Jerk

| Romantic | January 7, 2016

(My husband twitches a lot in his sleep, and regularly jumps awake from falling dreams – unfortunately, I take a lot longer to fall asleep than he does so I’m usually awake when they happen. We usually sleep spooning with his hand on my stomach as I’m currently pregnant, which makes it even more fun…)

Husband: *jumps awake while clawing across my stomach*

Me: “OWW! What the h***?!”

Husband: “Oh, God, I’m sorry!”

Me: “Seriously… we’re keeping it so stop trying to gut me.” *pause* “And It’s way too early for a C-section.”

(We giggle as we get over the shock and go to sleep, and everything’s fine for a few weeks. I was wide awake and doing some research online just before I started writing this post…)

Husband: *jumps awake, grabbing/pinching my stomach*

Me: “Ow! F***!”

Husband: “S***, I’m so sorry!”

Me: *exasperated/annoyed* “Sigh.”

Husband: *rubbing my stomach* “I’m so sorry. I was falling down the stairs.”

Me: *calming down* “…Funny enough, I was just looking up those dreams…”

(They’re called hypnic jerks, if anyone was wondering.)

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