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What A Hack!

, , , | Related | January 23, 2020

My father-in-law is in his 70s and, as such, is not very tech-savvy, but he does have a laptop and a smartphone, and he uses email. My job is in IT support, so he knows he can always call me with any IT problems.

One day, he called me and told me that his email had been hacked. Therefore, he had already taken the precaution of changing his Microsoft password and calling up his ISP and getting them to help him change his Wi-Fi password, router admin password, the security questions and answers on his ISP account, and his Google account password. He was very proud of having done this.

I asked how he had been hacked? He said he had received an email from one of his friends asking whether he was interested in an upcoming hiking trip. He had used his phone to reply and wrote, “Not this time. Regards, Derek”. His friend saw something funny at the bottom of the email and then replied, “I think you’ve been hacked!”, with a winking emoji. Derek takes everything literally and he did not realise the friend was joking, so he embarked on the course of action that then took me a couple of hours to fix, including getting his laptop and phone to reconnect to the Wi-Fi, setting up his wireless printer again, re-inputting his Google and Microsoft passwords in his laptop and phone, and making sure everything was working okay. All of this was while I was trying to patiently deal with someone who doesn’t understand technical IT words, and trying to calm him down after his stressful “hack attack.”

Eventually, I found the source of the “hacked email” claim. When he had typed his message to his friend on his phone, he had mistyped “Derek” and instead typed “Serek,” which autocorrected to “Serena.” Therefore, his friend received a message signed, “Regards, Serena,” thought it was funny, and joked that Derek had been hacked. *sigh*

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