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What A Grape Idea

, , , , , | Right | October 3, 2019

I work at a grocery store where grapes are sold per pound. Three guys come up to my belt. One puts a bunch of stuff on the belt and says he forgot something. He walks off.

Meanwhile, his buddy is standing just past the end of register eating from a bag of grapes. I get busy with other customers for a minute, and then the guy who walked off comes back. He puts his forgotten item on the belt. As I am ringing them up, the guy with the grapes nearly finishes the bag, so there is only one little grape stem left.

When I put the grapes on the scale, I touch the edge of it with my thumb, making the grapes weigh more than what is left. So in the end, he ended up paying for at the very least all the grapes he ate, if not more.

Serves him right.

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