What A Frustrating Yarn

, , , , | Working | December 30, 2020

I’m at a craft store to buy some yarn for a project. To my pleasant surprise, the yarn I want is on a really good sale. I was only planning to buy one skein with a coupon that’s good for one item and the others I need for the project later, but with the sale, I can get them all at once. I happily proceed to the register, but they ring up at the normal price.

Me: “The sign on the display says they’re on sale; they should be ringing up cheaper.”

Cashier: “Well, they’re not.”

Me: “But the sign says they should be [sale price], not [regular price].”

Cashier: *Literally rolling her eyes* “Yeah, I’m just sure there’s a sign that says that. They’re not on sale now. [Regular price].”

I’m mad at the implication that I’m lying.

Me: “It’s a couple of aisles from here. There’s no line; follow me.”

She does, and I emphatically point to the sign.

Me: “There it is, with the yarn brand written on it, and [sale price]. That’s the price I’m paying.”

Cashier: “Fine. I’ll have to change it manually.”

Me: “Good. Do that.”

She and I didn’t speak another word while I bought the yarn. I know some people lie, but why not err on the side of diplomacy? I wouldn’t have minded showing her the sign if she’d asked, but I did mind her attitude.

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