What A Dump Of A Job

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(I am the shift lead at an understaffed ice cream shop that opens at three pm every day. The back of our shop is against a golf course. One day, I come out to find our dumpster full of grass clippings. The golf course has emptied their mowers there. I mention it to the owner over the phone, as he never came in.)

Boss: “What? Go over and give them a talking to. Our contract with the garbage company says all trash has to be bagged, and forbids lawn clippings! They will fine us for this!”

Me: “Um, we are usually too understaffed for me to step out. Maybe you could come and talk to them?”

Boss: “Do it on your own time, then! I’m not going to pay someone overtime just to talk to them! This has to stop!”

(Instead, I call the golf course during my shift. I basically get laughed at. Two weeks later, our dumpster is full of grass clippings and broken paver stones. The garbage company fines the owner an additional $50, and he calls me, furious.)

Boss: “I’m not paying an additional $50! Why did you let this happen again?”

Me: “I tried calling them and—”

Boss: “I told you, go over there one morning! Calling them won’t work!”

Me: “I’m not willing to do that on my own time. Anyway, I have another solution. I talked to the garbage guy, and he says that for $5 more a month, we can switch to a dumpster with a lock.”

Boss: “Five dollars a month! That’s ridiculous!”

(The third time it happens, I come out the next day to find a guy sitting by the dumpster in a lawn chair.)

Me: “What are you doing?”

Dumpster Guard: “Hey, my uncle hired me to guard the dumpster every morning and make sure no one uses it.”

Me: “You’re… guarding the dumpster. How much is your uncle paying you?”

Dumpster Guard: “$10 an hour. Sweet summer job, right?”

(He was paid more than any employee in the understaffed shop! Unsurprisingly, the ice cream shop closed the next year.)

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