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What A Delicate Flower!

, , , , | Right | CREDIT: wong__a | July 18, 2021

I work for a luxury florist shop in the USA, and our flower prices are not cheap. We have a high minimum amount for delivery; most local florists have a minimum and delivery fee. Our fees have stayed the same since the health crisis, but we’ve upped most of our arrangements by $5 to $10 to help cover some losses. Our prices are high, but we specialize in very full and/or large arrangements to make up for it.

Me: “Just letting you know, all our arrangements start at $75. The total after tax and delivery for the product you’ve chosen comes up to about $105.”

Customer:What?! That is ridiculous. You charge that much?!

Me: “Yes. Would you like to proceed?”

Customer: “That’s crazy! Why?!”

Me: “The owners felt this was the best way to ensure great quality products and a fair living wage for our employees, especially during these times.”

Customer: “We’ve all got issues going on right now! That’s not an excuse. Some of us are unemployed! You should not be increasing the prices at our expense. You should internally have a meeting and take the wages out of the owners’ and employees’ paychecks so we don’t have to pay so much for your ridiculously expensive flowers. YOU CAN’T DO THIS AT THE CUSTOMERS’ EXPENSE! TELL THE OWNERS!”

Me: “Ma’am, it seems like we may not be the right fit for you and are unable to give you the experience you deserve. Would you like me to refer you to another florist?”

Customer:Ugh, no. Let’s just finish this order. But you have lost me as a future customer!

Me: *Thinking, sarcastically* “Ooooh, noooooo!”

Me: “Thank you for your purchase, and we’re sorry to lose you. Enjoy the rest of your day!”