What A Complete Waist

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(My boyfriend, his parents, and I are at a Japanese steakhouse, waiting for the chef to finish the food. Somehow we get to the topic of Disney princesses and their body figures.)

Me: “I just think a lot of them have unrealistic waists, like Jasmine. I wish they looked more like actual women.”

Boyfriend: “Women could achieve those waistlines, though.”

Me: “Not like the princesses; that’s impossible. Yeah, I do wish my waist was like that, but it’s not likely.”

Boyfriend: “Yeah, your waist is HUGE!”

(Silence. His mother turns to us.)

Mother: “In the process of thinking that and saying it out loud, did you ever realize that maybe that was stupid?”

Boyfriend: “I just meant… you know… you both have large waists…”

(His father groans and the chef winces.)

Chef: “Now both women are mad. God have mercy on you.”

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