What A Complete Trucker

, , , | Friendly | October 10, 2016

We joke about people who drive large trucks in East Texas, and my husband always has tons of stories to share. His favorite is still about some guy in a Dodge double cab trying to weave in and out of traffic. He decided to ride my husband’s rear for a good five miles, then nearly caused an accident when he darted to the left lane, then in front of my husband. He slammed on his brakes, trying to cause my husband to hit him, but my husband had already begun to stop. He just had a feeling the guy was road-raging.

The truck driver decided to speed back up and gets stuck behind someone going extremely slow, and is unable to move back over due to the right lane’s decrease of speed. My husband, however, is able to get over due to having a small car. He watches with interest as the truck speeds up, slams on his brakes, then speeds up again in repetition while getting nowhere. My husband eventually is back beside him and sees the guy slamming his hands on his wheel, cursing at traffic.

They get to a stop light, and it has turned red by the time the truck has gotten to it. All the same, he speeds through it, catching up to my husband … who has slowed down at the next red light. In succession, they caught every red light for five more stops. At the final red light, the truck driver looks as though he’s going livid. He looks over at my husband, who merely grins at him, waves, and then turns left off the main road.

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