What A Basket-Case, Part 2

, , , , | Right | August 26, 2020

The store I work for has stopped putting out their shopping baskets for customers to use for sanitation reasons. In this specific instance, I’m watching the self-checkout robots when a customer walks in looking for the baskets.

Customer: “Hi. Do you know where your baskets are?”

Me: “Hi! The baskets were too hard and time-consuming to properly sanitize, so we put them away. You’re welcome to use a sanitized cart, instead. Sorry about the inconvenience!”

Customer: *Pause* “So, what am I supposed to use, then?”

Me: “We have sanitized carts in the lobby, or I’m happy to send someone to grab a smaller cart from the parking lot and sanitize it for you to use!”

The customer stormed into the lobby and grabbed one of the carts normally used by customers with kids, mumbling about how “ridiculous” it was the entire time. I guess some people are intent on not getting their way!

What A Basket-Case

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