What A Bad Sciati-tude

, , , , , | Working | December 3, 2020

Unfortunately for me, during the lockdown, my sciatica has gotten much worse. Sciatica is a strange diagnosis and seems to be a label for any kind of pain radiating from the sciatic nerve that runs from the lower back to the soles of your feet.

When I return to work after several weeks off, I provide a doctor’s note to my manager informing her that my doctor’s advice is to keep active as before, in hopes that my sciatica will fade with time. Unfortunately, that does not happen.

As per my doctor’s note, I am meant to be allowed a small break and sit down, even though my current place of employment doesn’t allow breaks for shifts under eight hours. It’s illegal, I know.

For the first week, I am allowed to sit when performing various tasks. Everyone on staff is informed of why I am sitting. But, because I have led by example, apparently, people start sitting and leaving the bar and hostess stand unattended.

Manager: “You are no longer allowed to sit while you’re working. If I see you sitting during your shift, you will get one warning before being fired.”

Even though I had a doctor’s note, I was the only one to get in trouble.

I start the next week as usual, walking like a robot but taking painkillers to try and power through. Even with my doctor’s note, I have been branded “lazy” by all of the managers, so I have been given more physically demanding jobs than usual — moving crates and barrels, for example.

But then, during my first shift after the telling-off, my legs stop working.

I am carrying a heavy tray and I collapse in the middle of the floor. I’m unable to feel my legs, only pain when I try to move them.

An ambulance is phoned.

The diagnosis? Sciatica.

Apparently, no one had believed my doctor’s note and thought that I was faking. I returned to work two weeks later to simpering apologies.

I need a new job.

And possibly a lawyer.

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