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We’ve Reached The Tripping Point

| Learning | May 31, 2013

(It is almost time for our exams, and this boy keeps on mucking about in class. At one point, he walks by me and falls over.)

Boy: “Miss, she tripped me up!”

Teacher: “No she didn’t. I was watching. Now get on with your work.”

Boy: “But she should get detention!”

Teacher: “I said get on with your work!”

(He goes back to his seat. This happens many times throughout the class; he falls over next to me and saying I tripped him. The teacher has had enough.)

Teacher: “Your exams are coming up, and while you may not want to study for them, the other students do! If you disrupt the class one more time, I’m sending you out!”

(Some time after this, he sends me an evil look. Trust me, I have no idea why he has it in for me, but it’s the final straw. So when he walks by, I trip him up for real.)

Boy: “Miss, she tripped me up!”

Teacher: “That’s it! Out!”

(Another teacher is called and takes the boy away. After class, the teacher pulls me aside, and I realize she must have seen me.)

Me: “I’m sorry I tripped him, but I just couldn’t take it anymore. We’re all working really hard, and —”

Teacher: “I know, and frankly, he had that coming to him. He’s been disrupting the class all year, and his problem now is it’s finally sunk in that he hasn’t been working properly, meaning his chances of passing are slim. He doesn’t know how to cope with this. Let’s hope that hit on the head did him some good.”

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