Wet Fools Rush In Where Girlfriends Fear To Tread

| | Right | April 29, 2009

Me: “Hello,

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Caller: “Excuse me, I just got a call today saying that I hadn’t returned a DVD.”

Me: “Alright, what DVD is it?”

Caller: *tells me the DVD’s name*

Me: “Okay, ma’am. I’m looking it up in the computer and it says we don’t have it.”

Caller: “Yes, it was returned. I gave it to my boyfriend to return and I watched him put it in your drop box!”

Me: “Well, it’s not in the drop box right now, and the boxes were cleaned out. I’m not sure what’s–”

(The caller cuts me off to start swearing at me. As she yells at me over the phone, a man walks in through the front door, sopping wet.)

Man: “Uh, hey… my girlfriend gave this to me to return yesterday and I forgot about it until just now.”

(I go back to the phone.)

Me, to caller: “Ma’am, there’s someone here I think you should speak to…”

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  • Jellybean

    I am reporting the arve error.