We’re Totally Stealing This Insult

, , , , | Working | October 16, 2020

At my job, we work off of Excel reports sent to us by third parties via email. I’ve just received a report that doesn’t look like anything this third party has ever sent in the past, so I reply to their email to get some clarification about it. I’ve hit “REPLY” to this email to make sure that there’s context for them, but not “REPLY ALL” as not everyone included on the email needs to be involved in the conversation.

Me: “Hi. After reviewing the report, this doesn’t look like the reports we normally receive from you. Can you advise and provide some clarification?”

Employee: “What report?”

I attach the report they provided.

Me: “This is the report you sent us.”

Employee: “Who sent this?”

I had to resist the urge to respond with, “I AM HITTING REPLY TO YOUR EMAIL, YOU TURD MCNUGGET. YOU SENT THIS!” They eventually figured it out, but not before I ripped out a few chunks of hair at their stupidity.

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