We’re Pretty Sure We’ve Never Partied This Hard

, , , , | Right | January 1, 2021

It is New Year’s Day and I am working the early morning shift at my Gas Station. We are situated next to a strip mall that has a small police office attached to it.

A woman walks in, who has obviously been partying pretty hard. She’s still in her party outfit, hair is a mess, make-up smudged, and she’s walking a bit haphazardly.

Customer: “Yeah… could I get a burger?”

Me: “We don’t serve burgers; we’re just a gas station.”

Customer: “This is a gas station?”

She had to walk past all the pumps to get inside here.

Me: “…yes. There’s a burger place in the strip mall but as it’s New Year’s Day I am not sure they’re open.”

Customer: “It’s New Year’s Day?”

Me: “…Maybe you need more help than I can offer? There’s a New York State Trooper office just opposite us.”

Customer: “I’m in New York?”

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