We’re Not Being Selfish For Denying Your Shellfish

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My boyfriend works as a delivery driver for a fairly expensive Asian bistro. He told me this story.

He delivered over $100 of sushi rolls to a man who tipped very well. Once he got back to the restaurant, his boss was on the phone with the man, demanding they remake the sushi. My boyfriend would need to send it out. Apparently, the man’s wife was allergic to shellfish, he never told the person who took the order, and he stated that he did not know that the sushi would come in a large platter. He thought each roll would be placed into separate containers. My boyfriend’s boss told him most places put sushi together unless asked otherwise, and he should have stated she had an allergy.

She did not remake the sushi. He called back quite a few times demanding a refund or a remake; she told him no.

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