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Were Never Quite Married To The Idea

| Related | May 14, 2015

(My late grandmother had a very strained relationship with her parents as a young adult, as well as a passive-aggressive streak a mile wide. She started dating my much older grandfather behind their backs, ran off to Kentucky and married him, and then went home again that night as if everything was normal. Several days later her parents see her calmly walking toward the front door with a suitcase in her hand.)

Great-Grandfather: “Where do you think you’re going?”

Grandmother: *calmly* “Oh, I’m moving out.”

Great-Grandmother: “MOVING OUT? Oh, no, you’re not! Where do you think you’re going to live?”

Grandmother: “With my husband.”

Great-Grandfather: “YOUR WHAT?”

Grandmother: *cheerfully* “With my husband. I got married.”

Great-Grandmother: “When did THIS happen?!”

Grandmother: “Three days ago. Goodbye!” *walks out of house*

(She said it was a year and a half before they were willing to speak to her again.)

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