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We’re More Afraid Of The Hash-Slinging Slasher

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I work in a county hospital in the emergency room. We have a lot of rural wooded area around, so there are legends galore: Bigfoot, ghosts, you name it.

One evening, I see two men walk in. One is cradling his hand and has an ice pack on it.

Visitor: “I slammed my hand in the door. It’s not swelling, but I figured I should make sure it isn’t broken.”

All right, it’s a very slow evening, and better safe than sorry, so we get him back straight away. I’m doing his intake, and we’re chatting a little about where he was, how the injury happened, etc. A CNA pops in as we’re talking, and when my patient mentions where he lives — an area well known as “out in the woods” — the CNA drops this gem.

Coworker: “Isn’t there supposed to be some kind of axe murderer out that way?”

Visitor: *Deadpan* “Well, not right now, because he’s at the emergency room.”

I smiled the entire shift after that one. And for the record, if there are any axe murderers in that area, they are very good at not attracting attention!

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