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We’re Guessing It Wasn’t A Church Of Jediism

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Many moons ago, mobile phones did not have the ability to play whatever tune you fancied when they rang. When the technology was finally unleashed on the general public, many people went a bit crazy assigning novelty ringtones and text message alerts, me included.

One afternoon, I was having my lunch break at work and demonstrating my current choices of tones to an older colleague. She was very impressed and excitedly asked me if I could do it for her phone. We spent a good fifteen minutes choosing and assigning a ringtone and message alert.

The following Monday, my colleague approached me at my desk, face full of shame and unhappiness, and quietly asked me if I would be so kind as to revert her phone to its original tunes.

I did so, but of course, I had to ask why the change of heart, given her joy the previous week?

Colleague: “Well, I was sitting in church yesterday listening to the vicar give his sermon when I got a text, and I hadn’t turned my phone off before going in.”

I couldn’t help but burst out laughing. The text message alert she had asked me to assign? Yoda’s voice saying, “Message from the Dark Side, there is.”

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