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We’re Going Shooping

| Working | January 14, 2015

(I work for a summer at a landscaping company. We drive all over the city to different jobs, so I end up spending a lot of time in the trucks together with my boss. About a month after I started, my crew boss and I are driving to a job separate from the others on the crew. The road we’re on had a ton of construction, with the orange construction cones marking out the lanes.)

Boss: “Hey, listen to that!”

Me: “What? I don’t hear anything different.”

Boss: “The cones! When they go past the window, they make like a ‘shoop’ noise!”

(My boss begins making this ‘shoop’ noise for each and every cone we pass by, along with hand gestures. The construction zone is about five miles long, so this goes on for quite a bit.)

Me: “I do not know you. I swear; if anyone asks, I have no idea who you are!”

Boss: *freaking out* “What? I’m in the truck with someone I don’t know?! How did this happen? Who are you? HELP!” *yelling out the window* “HELP! This girl says she doesn’t know me! HELP!”

Me: “Um… okay, then.”

Boss: *calming down* “So do you know me now?”

Me: “Yep, I think I do…”

(I worked with her every summer for the next three years. She was an awesome boss, as long as you didn’t question her little quirks…)

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