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We’re Glad It’s Just The Baby Seat And Not Its Occupant

, , , , | Right | August 31, 2021

The dealership I work at offers free rental cars when customers are getting their cars serviced and it will be a while before their cars are ready. We always ask if they got everything out of the car when they drop it off, but sometimes little things — mostly parking passes and EZ passes — get left behind. It’s nothing a phone call can’t fix.

One day, a guy drops a rental car off and picks his car up. A coworker goes out to do a quick sweep of the car and comes back with a car seat and some swim goggles.

Coworker: “How do you leave a car seat behind?”

Me: “He did not! I have no idea.”

Coworker: “Yeah.”

My coworker calls the guy and he comes by about half an hour later to pick them up.

Customer: “Thank you. I don’t know how I left the seat behind. The goggles aren’t mine, but I’ll take them anyway.”

After he leaves, we give the car over to our cleaning department to have it vacuumed and disinfected. The next day, one of the cleaners brings me the keys along with a pouch that has a bank logo on it. I glance inside and see a bunch of papers. The customer’s name is on the papers, so I give him a quick call.

Me: “Hi, Mr. [Customer]?”

Customer: “Yes?”

Me: “It’s [My Name] from [Dealership].”

Customer: “Let me guess, you found a [Bank] bag.”

Me: “Yes. The cleaner said it was under a seat.”

Customer: “I’ll be over in about half an hour.”

Thankfully, the guy didn’t have to come back a third time to pick up something else.

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