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We’re Beginning To See Why These People Are On Medication…

, , , | Right | October 8, 2021

It is just after a state law changes requiring us to record IDs for any and all purchased controlled prescriptions. To comply, a screen now pops up before we can complete the transaction and we cannot bypass it. We can only go back and take the controlled medicine off. Several customers/patients are unhappy with this new law.

Customer #1: *In the drive-thru* “I have never had to show my ID before!”

Me: “It’s a new law, ma’am. Sorry for the inconvenience. I just need to see your driver’s license.”

Customer #1: “I don’t have it! It’s at home! This is stupid! I’ll have to come back!” *Speeds off*

Later, another customer holds their ID at a hard-to-read angle and snatches it back before I have even a hope of a chance of reading the number or expiration date or checking for a hologram.

The customer quickly rattles off the ID number.

Me: “Ma’am, I need to check your ID in full and need to be able to properly read it per the law.”

Customer #2: “I told you my number!”

This goes back and forth for a bit before the no-nonsense manager/head pharmacist walks up.

Manager: “Ma’am, either let us see your ID properly or leave.”

She huffs and holds her ID at the awkward angle again. My manager snatches her ID, holds it in clear eyesight for me so I can enter the required information, and then gives it back.

Customer #2: “How dare you?!”

Manager: “It’s state law, Mrs. [Last Name]! Your total is total. Pay and leave.”

The customer finally complies.

Later, another customer:

Customer #3: “You new here?”

Me: “I’ve been working here about six months, sir. The law went into effect this week. I need to see your ID, please, in order to progress.”

Customer #3: “The h*** you do, white girl!”

I’m white; he is black.

Customer #3: “Get [Coworker] over here!”

[Coworker] happens to be black.

Coworker: “It’s the law, [Customer #3]. We need your ID.”

Customer #3: “You’re my sister and I’m your brother!”

Coworker: “I ain’t related to you! ID or get out of line.”

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