We’re All In This Weirdness Together

| Learning | April 1, 2017

(I am a new student, just transferred to a high school in New Mexico. I am being given the tour by another student.)

Student: “So this is our main corridor, leading to the gym and cafeteria.”

Me: *points* “What’s that?”

Student: “That’s the poster for our school’s basketball team, the WILDCATS.”

(It is a huge poster with giant images of students in the basketball team in different game poses.)

Me: “This school has giant images of its students on the walls? That’s just weird.”

Student: “You think that’s weird, you haven’t seen anything yet.”

(The tour continues to the gym, where shockingly, the basketball team are in the middle of an intricate musical number. I look at my tour-guide with raised eyebrows.)

Me: *referring to the team captain* “Is he singing a song about how he doesn’t like singing?”

Student: “That’s nothing. Our baseball team do dance numbers about how they don’t like to dance.”

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