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We’re All Busy, Lady!

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When my acquaintance’s father-in-law died, she still had his disability placard and used it for parking on campus. She told me this, and I guess my expression was less than pleasant, so she tried to justify it.

Acquaintance: “I’m such a busy mom with so little time!”

Me: “What about the people whose space you took who actually need that space? Can you imagine how little time they have? Now they can’t go to class because they can’t walk the distance from the parking you made them use to their class building.”

I still remember having to drop my dad off on campus because trucks would use the disability-accessible spots for unloading at his office. The building parking lot was at the bottom of a steep hill, and my dad had just had a heart attack, so he was not allowed to walk up the hill at that point.

Just be glad you don’t need the d*** accessible spot.

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