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We’re About To Get A Wine-r, Part 2

, , , , , | Right | January 11, 2021

I work at a store that also makes pizzas. On this particular day, I don’t realise my colleague is tied up with pizzas and the other has a queue. I’m restocking towards the back of the shop when a man comes walking up to me.

Customer: “Isn’t there anyone else on tills? Some people have buses to catch!”

Me: “Of course, I will go and jump on straight away.”

I hurry away to the tills and help serve. The queue isn’t that bad, and I reach the man quite quickly. I scan through his shopping, including a quite fancy bottle of wine, and read out the total. He’s happy enough and pays, but then as the payment processes, he asks how much the wine was. I print out the receipt.

Me: “That was £15.99.”

Customer: “For a bottle of wine? That’s not right, surely!”

It was a bottle which the owner imports from Italy, so the price reflects the quality. I told the customer this, but he insisted it couldn’t be right and decided to go and choose another bottle.

Keep in mind that this is the same man who complained about people having buses to catch. He was now taking his sweet time choosing a different wine and even stopped to browse our promotions on the way back to the tills.

There was now a definite queue building, and people were looking impatient. I returned the expensive wine and put through a cheap £5 bottle for him, instead.

I thought that maybe the expensive wine wasn’t labelled, so he didn’t realise the price. Nope. It was labelled clearly. The guy was just an idiot.

We’re About To Get A Wine-r