Welp. That’s Awkward…

, , , | Right | April 16, 2019

(The store where I work has the workers write quotes for the customer. I’m 18 at the time and have just finished helping a customer in their late twenties find an item, and I have almost finished writing the quote to get my commission.)

Me: “All right! The price is [total] for [item]. May I get a phone number?”

Customer: *looks me up and down for a second* “No, thanks.”

Me: “It’s for the quote.” *moves so he can get a better look at the computer screen so he can see where it asks for a phone number*

Customer: “Oh! Yeah, it’s [number].”

(When I told my manager, she just about pissed herself laughing. Five years later, at the same job, that guy is STILL the only one to assume I wanted their number for myself.)

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