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Well Worth The Wait

, , , | Right | August 17, 2021

I work for a well company. Most of the time, I am completely by myself at the office once the guys all leave for their jobs around 7:30 am, until at least early afternoon.

Once in a while, a random customer will drive all the way here instead of calling to ask about service for their well, pump, tank, etc. Usually, I can talk to them, look up their file, and give the information to our service tech to make an appointment.

A man comes in through the entrance downstairs. The office is upstairs, so I go to the top of the stairs.

Me: “Can I help you?”

Customer: “Yes! I need to talk to someone about a problem with my well.”

He walks upstairs to talk with me, telling me about his problem as if I would know what he’s talking about, while simultaneously complaining that our business sign is by the road but not on the actual building where we rarely receive customers.

Me: “Well, the service tech is out on jobs already for the day, but I can take a message and get it to him.”

It is about 9:30 am.

Customer: “Oh, really? This early?”

Me: “Yep, they’re gone by 7:30, usually earlier.” *Gets a pen ready* “What’s your name?”

Customer: “Oh, wait. No, I’d better give you my mom’s name since it’s her house. She just moved in and your company’s name was on the well.”

He gives me her name.

Me: “Okay, and what’s the address? Maybe I can find the paperwork on the computer.”

Customer: “Uh… three something… I think it’s near this road.”

Me: “Okay… what’s her phone number? Maybe we can call her and ask?”

Customer: “Oh… Um… You would ask me that, huh…”

Me: *Pauses* “I can’t really help you without any of this information.”

Customer: “Yeah… I’m just gonna have to call you back. I guess I should have called instead of coming all this way.”

Me: “Okay, you do that. Thanks.”

He walked away and left.

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