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Well, When You Put It Like That…

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(I’ve recently been diagnosed with an issue that will require multiple surgeries to fix. I go to my manager to request a leave of absence. Another manager is in the office at the time and overhears.)

Manager #1: “Okay, so, you’ll be out for six weeks starting on [date], assuming nothing goes wrong.”

Manager #2: “What?! You can’t be out that long!”

Me: “I know, it’s a while, but surgery is the only option.”

Manager #2: “No, you’re the only person trained for [service]! If you leave, we won’t be able to do it!”

(The service in question isn’t my main job, and only very few people use it. We also have someone who’s trained on it, though they have limited hours.)

Manager #1: “She can’t exactly wait for this; it’s for her health.”

Manager #2: “But what will we tell customers?!”

Me: “You can tell them that [Other Location] offers the same service, see when [Coworker] is in, or have them wait until I come back.”

Manager #2: “Ugh, it’s going to make us look bad!”

Manager #1: “Really?! You want her to set aside her health and well-being for the sake of customer service?!”

Manager #2: “You’re making me sound bad! Don’t word it like that!”

Me: “That’s what you’re asking, though. The surgeries are necessary and unavoidable, and I need recovery time. I can’t wait or just not do it.”

Manager #2: “Ugh, you just don’t understand!”

(She left the office grumbling about me. I went on leave and had my surgeries and am currently recovering well!)

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