Well-Versed In The ‘Verse

| USA | Working | July 4, 2013

(I am in the security line at a regional airport. I’m wearing a Firefly shirt that reads, “Space Pirates on the Run!” This happens as I am walking out of the metal detector.)

TSA Agent #1: “Ma’am, step out of the line!”

(I walk over, startled, figuring something incorrectly flagged in my bag.)

TSA Agent #2: “Should we have a notice about you?”

Me: “Sorry, sir?”

TSA Agent #1: “Space pirates, eh?”

TSA Agent #2: “…on the run!”

Me: “Sir, you don’t have any spaceships..”

TSA Agent #1: “True! Have a nice day!”

(Those geeky agents made for my best TSA experience, ever!)

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