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Well, They Mismanaged That Situation!

, , , | Right | February 1, 2023

I work at a high-end restaurant. Due to how crazy the world has been over the last few years, getting staff in and staying has been a struggle. Tonight, we have three new staff on the floor, I’m stuck manning the bar (as we can’t find a trained bartender at present), and my boss is running the door and floating. No biggie, things flow great.

We have a table of twelve dining. They’re high-maintenance but well-behaved enough, but they’re being served by one of our more trained “new” staff, being a month “older” than her colleagues.

As the night rolls along, a woman from the large table pulls that particular server aside and asks to speak to the owner. My boss, unfortunately, just had to duck out early due to an emergency. Of course, this leaves me running the floor while still stuck rush-closing the bar to cover his absence.

Server: “Oh, I’m so sorry, he just left! But our manager [My Name, which is very feminine] is in the bar. I can get her if you like?”

Before the server can run and fetch me, who has no knowledge of the interaction, the woman stands from the table and walks INTO the bar. Of course, I am confused about why this woman is in my bar but want to stay professional and friendly.

Me: “Hi, is everything all right? Can I help you with something?”

She completely ignores me and brushes past me to the young male staff member I’ve just pulled off the floor to help polish a few glasses.

Customer: “Hi. You’re the manager, I presume?”

My coworker gawks in confusion and looks at me for help.

Me: “No, ma’am. I’m the manager. Is there something I can help you with?”

She turns around and stares for a moment like she’s just seen me.

Customer: “Oh! Uh, I just wanted to say… Umm, I just wanted to tell you [Server] was… very good.”

Me: “Wonderful, thank you. Yes, [Server] is amazing and absolutely one of our best. I’ll be sure to pass on your compliments to the owner. I really do appreciate the feedback.”

Customer: “Right… Yes… Thank you.”

Do I really have to be a six-foot male to manage a restaurant?

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