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Well, That’s A New One

, , , | Right | CREDIT: RS3197 | August 6, 2021

Customer: “Why was my credit card closed?”

Me: “Your card was closed back in 2020 after being inactive since 2019.”

Customer: “I’ve heard your bank was planning to slowly cut us [Politician] supporters out, so I guess it’s happening now. You closed my credit card because I’m a [Politician] supporter.”

Me: “No, sir, we didn’t. We don’t use political reasons to close our customers’ accounts. The last time you used your card was way back in early 2019, and it was closed down even before the election.”

Customer: “Of course, you’d tell me that. You won’t tell us [Politician] supporters that you closed it because you oppose [Politician]. You closed my account because I’m a supporter. You yourself oppose [Politician], too; I assume that’s why you’re being rude to me.”

I’m confused as to how I’m being rude when I have my perky customer service voice on.

Me: “I’m from the Philippines, sir. I’ve no opinion regarding US politics, so we’re not biased.”

Customer: “Whatever. Goodbye!” *Hangs up*

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