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Well, That’s A New One For The Books

, , , , | Right | November 23, 2019

(I’m a part-time bookseller at a local book chain. I’ve been working part-time for almost seven years at this store so I’ve heard it all, but this is the first time I’ve ever encountered this kind of stupid. We were told recently that we cannot leave our zones to help customers; instead, we should direct them to a customer service rep. A customer who’s about 18 or 19 walks up to the register where I am.)

Customer: “Hello.”

Me: “Hi there. How can I help you?”

(I notice she doesn’t have anything in her hands, and I think she wants a gift card, which happens a lot.)

Customer: “So, this is my first time here.”

Me: “Awesome! Welcome in. Are you looking for something in particular or a certain book?”

Customer: “So, do I just pick it out and then bring it back?”

Me: “Sorry, what?”

Customer: “Like, do I pick out what I want and you tell me when to bring it back?”

Me: “We’re a bookstore?”

Customer: “Yeah, so when do I bring these back?”

Me: *thinking that maybe she’s high* “Yeah, this is a bookstore. You purchase items here. Every item has a barcode which I scan up here and then you give me something of a monetary value to take home and keep. This isn’t a library.”

Customer: “Oh. I thought you were going out of business, so I thought I should get something free.”

Me: “I assure you that we aren’t going out of business, ma’am. Now, do you need help finding anything?”

Customer: *stomps foot* “WHY ARE YOUR LIGHTS ON IF I CAN’T GET FREE THINGS?!” 

(She then turned and stomped out the door.)