Well, That Toppings The List For Weirdest Sandwich

, , , , | Right | March 28, 2019

(I work in fast food, and I am naturally used to customers who aren’t paying attention and give answers that make no sense to the question. This customer is a really special case, though. I have just started getting ready to get toppings on their sandwich.)

Me: “All right, what else would you like on here?”

Customer: “Soup.”

(I am a little confused, but I figure they are simply getting ahead of themselves.)

Me: “No, no. I meant on your sandwich?”

Customer: “Soup.”

Me: “What would you like on your sandwich?”

Customer: “Soup!”

(I’m absolutely confused, and I actually think they want me to put a bowlful of soup on their sandwich, but before I do, I try to clarify.)

Me: “Sorry… So… you want soup on your sandwich

Customer: “What the f*** are you going on about? Who the actual f*** would want something like that. Are you f****** stupid?”

(All this time, there was another customer waiting next in line, laughing at this exchange.)

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