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Well, That Plan Went Out The Windows

, , , , | Related | July 3, 2018

(In the early 90s, my parents get their first home computer. The learning curve is rather steep. I’m in the middle of doing something when my father confronts me.)

Father: “You were messing around with the computer and you deleted Windows!”

Me: “I didn’t delete Windows.”

Father: “It’s not there anymore.”

Me: “There’s a tab that says, ‘Exit to Windows.’ Click that.”

Father: *leaves and comes back* “It’s not there! You deleted Windows.”

Me: “I’ll have a look in a second, and don’t bother Mom; she’s asleep.”

(Seconds later, I hear him in the bedroom, waking my mother up.)

Father: “[My Name] deleted Windows!”

(I took him to the computer and clicked on the “Exit to Windows” tab. Lo and behold, I hadn’t deleted Windows.)

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