We’ll Supervise The Store If You Supervise Your Kids

, , , , | Right | April 5, 2021

I’m working as a cashier in a small chain store. A regular customer comes up with a few items. As I ring him up, he starts complaining.

Customer: “My family was here this morning, and one of your staff yelled at my two-year-old for touching things on the shelves.”

Me: “Do you know who it was? What they looked like?”

My supervisor walks over, having heard the “I’m Not Happy” tone of voice. She’s friends with the customer.

Supervisor: “Who’s been yelling at my little boy?”

Customer: “I don’t know. I know it wasn’t you or [My Name]. But he’s my child, and I’ll tell him when not to do something. It’s not your job to tell my boy not to touch things.”

Further questioning reveals that he’s complaining about the assistant manager, who would never yell at a child. We try to placate the irritated customer, but he’s still not happy as he leaves.

Customer: “She had no right to do that! It’s not your job to tell my kid anything. It’s not your job!”

My supervisor called the assistant manager to find out what had actually happened. The customer’s toddler had been playing with the lock on our entry doors and was about to pinch his tiny fingers between sharp-edged steel. The assistant manager had asked him nicely to stop messing with the door because he could get hurt. Apparently, the parents considered that “yelling” and didn’t want anyone but themselves ever telling their child not to do something.

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