Well, No Wonder They’re Against Her

, , , , | Working | July 20, 2020

I’ve just returned from a three-month medical leave. As such, there are a few new hires. I’m ringing up front, and a cashier next to me starts having issues. I peek over and see the problem.

Me: “Oh, you didn’t scan [item].”

Cashier #1: “Oh, thanks!”

He fixes the issue. The cashier on the other side of me glares at me but doesn’t say anything. A couple of customers later, the first cashier has another issue. He looks at me for help.

Me: “The button is in the menu for coupons.”

He thanks me. The second cashier glares at me again. After a few repeats, she finally says something.

Cashier #2: “Really?! It’s what, your third day here and you think you’re better than everyone?! You don’t have to be so arrogant about things! He’s been here for two months!”

Me: “Are you kidding me? Helping someone isn’t being arrogant. And I haven’t been here for three days; I’ve been here for three years. Actually, I’m the one that trained you. I’m surprised you don’t remember.”

The second cashier signs off of her register and storms off. I continue working until they call for me to meet the manager in the office. After checking that the first cashier is fine up front, I head back.

Manager: “So, [Cashier #2] says you’ve been telling her you’re her superior and she has to listen to you.”

Me: “What?!”

Manager: “It honestly doesn’t sound like something you’d do.”

Me: “She accused me of being arrogant for helping out [Cashier #1] and thought I was new. I told her I’d actually been here three years. I didn’t ask her to do anything or say anything else to her.”

Manager: “Yeah, that sounds right. [Cashier #2] keeps trying to act like she’s the lead cashier, and with you being back, she probably is upset that she’s not actually in charge. I’ll talk with her.”

She ended up quitting, saying the managers were all against her.

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